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Monday, August 1, 2011

Balighna Ya Ramadhan 'Take me to Ramadhan'

-My english rendition of Harapan Ramadhan--
[figurative translation for dear aragingstorm]

I wish that this ramadhan,
Be a little more meaningful to me.
That I may as well live it up
With my utmost perfection.

After step by step,
Has a year finally passed on?
Time flies so fast,
Little I realized,
I'm back in ramadhan,

Fasting is the deed
Indicated by the Mighty Lord
If only I can bend,
The nafs (desire) overriding myself
like never ending

No way I'll let this ramadhan fade just like that
Oh God, please show me - the weaken one -
The way to endure all this mess,
With regardless patient!

I ask to God that he grants me some strength,
And I beg to God that he may accept all my little deeds.

Another step by step,
Only with Your blessing, O God,
That I'll make it thru...

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