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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

♥ Quran By HEART ♥

SubhanALLAH...cantik ciptaan ALLAH SWT... Bahasanya Lembut didengar, Lagunya Merdu ke kalbu, Tulisannya Indah dipandang, Maknanya menusuk ke sanubari ITUlah Al-Quran nama diberi.. MasyaAllah, menitis air mataku tatkala menonton documentari...

 "Kuran by Heart" 

"Arab or not, Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Russian, whatever everyone learn, read and memorizes the same Quran and you know Quran, You've studied it, memorized it. The world is a mess, people are bombing and killing each other, But if all Muslims understood the Quran, there would be peace on earth. So by not using the Quran as ALLAH intended... What is the result? all these problems in the world And what's the solution...Return to the Quran..Learn it and Apply it"

Watch this until last Episod ;-)

There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, many of whom grapple with the role religion should play in their lives, and the lives of their children. Each year during Ramadan, more than a hundred of the best young students from more than 70 countries across the Islamic world converge on Cairo for Egyptʼs International Holy Koran Competition, one of the Islamic worldʼs most prestigious contests. Some of the competitors are as young as seven, and several have memorized the entire 600-page Koran without actually speaking Arabic.

"Ya Allah ta TuhanKu...  I pray my children will know the Quran by HEART...I will try to do the same... " Amennnn

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